Off the new ranked album enjoy “BOMPTOWN FINEST” Produced by Mustard. The West Coast rapper YG who has was once spotted number 19 on the US Billboard Hot 100 with his single tune called “My Nigga” is back with 15 track studio Album tagged “Stay Dangerous.”

Quotable Lyrics

My team finally got it, then somebody shot me

And Frogg ain’t gone he live forever, my nigga
Rest in peace to my nigga Frogg

And Game just dropped Documentary 2

Teebee, yeah that’s my nigga, but we ain’t talk much lately
Me and H fell out, me and Mustard fell out

Look at Slim he ain’t gotta sell rocks
I told him figure out this rap shit, then you buy the block

Ayy Buddha, [?] you know what it [?]
We got some shit in the makin’, it’s bomin’ soon

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